Fabio Genito

Fabio Genito is a multidisciplinary consultant & creator: musician, dj for over 30 years, producer, designer, 3D artist and sound designer, remixer, music & tech consultant for luxury brands/cinema/tv/radio, entrepreneur and vinyl collector.
Proud South of Italy son, right in the heart of Mediterranean, he’s one of the most respected artists in the underground musical world scene, especially concerning the House Music movement, the Real House Music scene.

Advisor at Clipo Labs, the Silicon Valley based tech company leading the Immersive Reality global market who has developed its proprietary IIRInteractive Immersive Reality technology which is the core of Multiverse (Dusty Multiverse / Multiverse-IIR) platform who hosts and distributes never-seen-before decentralized immersive environments and state of the art photorealistic 3D Assets, based on IIR, used by some of the most renowned brands like the Burning Man organization who used it 2020 and 2021 to take the festival virtual, becoming the largest virtual events in history (as seen on Forbes, Tech Crunch, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, DJ Mag, Mixmag, La Stampa, Oculus, Burning Man Journal, Product Hunt (who nominated Multiverse among Best Apps of 2021  at “Golden Kitty Awards”, the Oscars of tech) just to name a few).

Fabio became Multiverse Ambassador first then nominated Director of Talent & Music and recently scaled to Director Strategic Initiatives at Clipo / Multiverse.

His knowledge, background, numbers, tangible added value and team leadership established throughout the years got him to be considered one of the world’s top leading experts & advisors in the development of interactive immersive experiences & strategies applied to generative AI, entertainment, marketing & broadcasting, real estate, Digital Collectables, Web 3.0 and decentralized environments Design based on blockchain (like SALVATION, whom he’s founder & designer, nomad immersive experience  and home to some of the best dj’s and performers in the world, virtual land and community in the Multiverse).

“Burning Man goes digital with the largest virtual event in history: Multiverse”Interviewing Fabio Genito, italian disc-jockey and music producer which became the Director of Talent & Music of Multiverse by Clipo Labs, a recognized Universe of Burning Man 2020’s Multiverse (READ the interview by Luca Dondoni on “La Stampa”, 4/11/2020)

UNDA and Global Design

Creative Director and founder at UNDA (from latin Wave, it also stands for Underground Not Dared Atmos), the only italian creative group producing Global Design, multisensorial excellence contents global wise.
Global Design means aligning all 5 senses to an harmonic vision, a unique, total and real multisensorial experience.
Global Design is the mastery to create, pick up and get tangible elements together in a professional way by using the balance between Arts and Science.
UNDA is a Design firm, record label, fashion brand and style factory. Its mission is to develop and empower UNIVERSAL BEAUTY with a multidisciplinary creative approach by exploring the unexplored, daring over boundaries, over obsolete standards to set new ones, starting from sound and universal harmonic frequency which is the source of life.
UNDA sound got a large response from all the over the world since the very first, supported by modern music icons like Louie Vega, Loco Dice, Luciano, Chus & Ceballos, Claudio Coccoluto, Ralf, Luca Dondoni, Vinny Da Vinci, Black Coffee, Hector Romero, David Morales, Todd Terry, dj Pippi, Danny Rampling, Behrouz, Marco Carola, Michael Reinboth & Compost Records and many more.

DJing and Music Productions

In constant evolution and continous research across different world countries and cultures
, he’s been playing in venues like Cielo Club in New York City (guest dj at Roots Nyc hosted by Louie Vega & Kevin Hedge), The Egg and East Village in London,
 Lotus in Honolulu (Hawaii), Casanova in Maui (Hawaii), Tambor (Atlanta), Tulum Therapy Festival (Mexico), 
Solid Garage (Toronto), Sirocco Beach, El Hotel Pacha, Diesel Island and Es Vivè in Ibiza, 
Delano in Miami, the Icon Miami by Philippe Starck, the Vagabond (Louie Vega’s Dance Ritual guest), 
the Mondrian, Clevelander and Pelican Diesel Hotel in Miami Beach, Soundcloud rooftop in Berlin.
 Soundcloud celebrated him with a beta release of its platform, naming it “Fabio”, as reward 
for his contribution to helping develope and rise the company from scratch (in 2007) 
to the over hundreds millions users of today.

Mediterranean Deep

Both as dj and producer, Fabio has a crossover and eclectic sound, very influenced by Jazz, Afro Cuban Tribal vibes and mostly by seminal Chicago and New York House Music, by David Mancuso’s Loft and Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage parties as well as Baldelli and Mozart’s italian “Afro” historical movement gatherings. A sound inspired by nature, spirituality, happenings, forms and feelings, uncategorizable in any “genre” but solidly planted to the “roots”. A rhythmic and harmonic ensemble of styles which melts analog and digital, tradition and experimentation (as seen and heard in his live sets using any sound source from vinyl to electronic machines), strongly infused of afrocuban, funk, soul, jazz, techno, tribal vibes, deep house, taranta, balearic, Middle East and Asian flavours and so on, without boundaries, lead by traditional South of Italy and Mediterranean World Music sounds, in a very personal futuristic and hypnotic vision, as it comes out by his own productions, by his sound design projects and in his live perfomances where he also plays percussions and other instruments. “Amando” , “Kalumet”, “Universal Language EP” , “Limoncello EP” , “Papawenda” and “Marenostrum” , “Why“, “Shamaniac Drums” and “Arakne” are the releases which better explain this musical vision that he named “Mediterranean Deep”.

Jazzaffair Collective

Under the JAZZAFFAIR COLLECTIVE alias (electronic/experimental jazz combo born late 90’s, featuring important italian musicians like Vincenzo Saetta, Peppe Timbro, Umberto Aucone, Roberto Fallarino and Antonio Pasquariello) he has been producing various singles like “When The Harmony Smiles” (tribute to Weather Report, Joe Zawinul and Jaco Pastorius, licensed to major EMI Music for infamous compilation “Montecarlo Nights – Nouveau Beat Vol. 4”), “Felicidad da Bossa”, “Love and Fame”, “Funkaffair” and “Somethin’ For Your Mind”, on premium compilations like “Maserati – Trident Lounge”, ” The Music from Fashion Week”, “Hydrogen”, “Generation Cocktail” (Andrea Gelli), “Soul Heaven 10 Years / mixed by Louie Vega ” (Ministry of Sound), “Louie Vega’s Dance Ritual”, “Club Pineta – Pacifico Lounge”, “Papeete Beach Lounge”, “A Lounge Supreme Vol.3 e 4 by Marco Fullone”, “Sirocco Beach , “KM5 Ibiza”, “Jockey Club Salinas / Ibiza”, “Puro Beach / Mallorca”.

Media & Press

Among the media’s been supporting him: RMC Radio Montecarlo Network (thanks to Marco Fullone e Nick The Nightfly), being Radio Montecarlo Summer Tour 2005 Official DJ with artists like Nick The Nightfly & MC Nights Orchestra, Toquinho, Giovanni Allevi, Mario Venuti, Simona Bencini, Sarah Jane Morris and more, and then by the infamous Sirius Xm (New York), Louie Vega’s Dance Ritual radioshow, BBC 1 UK – Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide, Ibiza Sonica, Ibiza Global Radio, RTL 102.5 (thanks to Luca Dondoni), RMC 2, Italia Network / InMyRadio / RIN, Discoid Magazine, Trend Discotec, DJ Mag, Tony Humpries radioshow, Deeper Shades of House radioshow hosted by Lars Behrenroth, NatGeo, Mediaset, SKY, Enjoy TV, España Network, Urban Beat on Metro FM South Africa, Axiom Studios (New Jersey/Usa), TSoNYC – The Sound Of New York City, m2o – Soul Cookin (Massimiliano Troiani), David Morales “Sunday Mass”, Louie Vega “Lockdown Sessions” and “Open Air Sessions” on Worldwide FM.
Italian magazine “Blow Up” defined him “one of the italian house music ambassadors in the world” (with Pasta Boys, Claudio Coccoluto and more). Historic italian dj’s Marco Trani (RIP) and Corrado Rizza include his name in their docu/book “I Love The Nightlife” (italian disco music history/the vinyl years, with introduction by journalist Roberto D’Agostino), among the most representive italian dj’s.

Collaborations and Remixes

Also to mention are his collaborations with italian jazz iconic drummer Tony Arco (alongside legendary Ra Kalam Bob Moses and Alessandro Cerino) and prestigious mediterranean artists like Paki Palmieri, Tony Cercola (Napoli Centrale), Davide Cantarella, Vincenzo Bavuso, Pietro Ciuccio, Riccardo Bondini.
Fabio produced and remixed tracks (released and unreleased) for artists like Fela Kuti, Dele Sosimi (Fela’s keyboardist, remixes released on MoBlack Records), Michel Petrucciani, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Mory Kante, The Beatles, Stan Kenton, Candeia, Simon & Garfunkel, Afro Celt Soundsystem, Pino Daniele, Enzo Avitabile, Alton Miller, Kaye-Ree, Mr. V, Anane Vega and for italian popstar Paola Iezzi (Paola & Chiara), remixing her the song “Xcept You” (jumped to nr 1 in the “iTunes Dance Chart / Top Albums Italia”). 
As sound & recording engineer he worked with various artists such as Barbara Tucker and Dawn Tallman, just to name a few.

Louie Vega and Vega Records

As solo producer & remixer he’s got many releases out on international reknowned labels like Chus and Ceballos’ Stereo Productions (“Tumbalismo”), jojoFlores’ Gotsoul (“Burning Man”), Lars Behrenroth’s Deeper Shades (“Papawenda”, hit in South Africa), Luis Baro’s All About (“Brooklyn Bound”), Mr.V’s SOLE Channel (“Fire La Chocha”, “Visions EP”), Defected, Zepherin Saint’s Tribe Records, Boddhi Satva’s Offering, Andy Roberts’ MixedSignalz, and most of all on VEGA Records, New York label run by legendary “LITTLE” LOUIE VEGA (Grammy Award Winner, MAW – Masters At Work, already producer/remixer for Curtis Mayfield, Tito Puente, George Benson, Roy Ayers, Jamiroquai and Hector La Voe’s “El Cantante” nephew, the greatest salsa voice in the world, Fania Music star), which signed Fabio on his label as recording artist and executive produced him underground hits like “Limoncello EP”, “Marenostrum EP” and “Universal Language EP” (featuring Kaye-Ree, persian/german singer and international nu-soul rising star, for whom he also remixed “One”, from her album “New Air”), bringing him to reach the most important dj’s in the world’s support and respect like Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Danny Rampling, Tony Humpries, Hector Romero, Gilles Peterson, Todd Terry, Victor Simonelli, Loco Dice, Luciano, Sven Vath, Glenn Underground, Kerri Chandler, Joe Claussell, Ron Trent, King Britt, Danny Tenaglia, dj Spinna, Behrouz, Marco Carola, Chus & Ceballos, Michel Cleis, Vinny Da Vinci, Black Coffee, Tedd Patterson, Brian Tappert, dj Pippi, Osunlade, Dennis Ferrer, Danny Krivit, Mr.V, Rainer Trüby, Marques Wyatt, Jojo Flores, Lars Behrenroth and italian masters like Claudio Coccoluto, Ralf, Ricky Montanari, Flavio Vecchi, Francesco Zappalà, Sauro Cosimetti and Pasta Boys.

Valenostrum Ibiza

He’s also A&R Manager and Co-Founder of VALENOSTRUM IBIZA, record label and recording studio created in Ibiza with legendary dj Pippi, one of “balearic sound” creators and Pacha Ibiza’s “Funky Room” iconic dj.
 Valenostrum is a sound concept which melts flamenco, worldmusic and Mediterranean vibes to electronic music, in various forms. First two singles “YaSta!” and “Gozando” have been rising the most important underground House charts in the world since their release, followed up by “Valenostrum” success in the lounge/balearic market which has been picked-up for the best chill-out compilations in the world.


Constant evolution got him to EVOLUNDA, a new multidisciplinary Design concept (Product, Interiors, Industrial, Architectural, Sound, Taste, Style) which puts Global Design as the Universe core in a sort of Arts and Science Renaissance by focusing on human experience.

Project includes “Music For Design”.

“We can still show this Planet due respect and remodel our habits, developing a sustainable world, creating timeless VALUE through the power of UNIVERSAL BEAUTY.